Kitchen Design Trends 2018

February 10, 2018

Before we get too far into the year, I want to share a few predictions for kitchen design trends 2018. I was flattered to be asked by media outlet MyDomaine about what trend I think will come on strong in 2018. I’ve been working on lots of kitchens lately, and since it’s definitely the heart of the home in my opinion, I focused my answer on kitchen design. See the quotes below:

In summary: There will always be a place for a white kitchen, it’s classic and fresh…but after five or more years of seeing every variation on the white kitchen, you will start seeing lots of dark cabinetry and a return to wood cabinets too!

kitchen design trends 2018

Here are some of my favorite inspirations images for trending kitchen design 2018:

I think you’ll see a lot more people open to dark gray and black kitchen cabinets. This image was actually the main inspiration for a gorgeous kitchen we did here in Chicago for clients that I hope to shoot this spring. As long as other elements in the space are light, such as a wall paint color, and you have decent natural light dark cabinets are a great option and will not cause a space to feel darker.


Image via Pinterest

You’ve likely seen this image before. deVOL Kitchens out of the UK has taken the kitchen design industry and Pinterest by storm. They have so many fabulous and fearless designs that I like to call the, “un-kitchen.” These spaces have interesting storage solutions, open shelving, and often no upper cabinets. You’ll notice lighting, art and hardware play a role in creating a space that feels decorated with personality, just like any other room in the house – love that!


Kitchen by: deVOL Kitchens UK

BK Interiors out of California designed the kitchen in the opening image (light woods) and this beautiful kitchen, with navy cabinets and walnut and brass accents. I love how both these kitchens feel open, airy and effortless – although you know so much detail and planning went into them. Little details like the brass inlay in the shelving, and the screen in the doors (in lead picture) are gorgeous custom touches that make each interior unique.


Kitchen by: BK Interiors

Wood cabinets are making a come back and the next three photos are good examples of variations on this theme. First, this light oak look seems to be very popular in California and other warmer weather locals. It does not work in every home, but I think it really warms up a more modern new build property. 

Next, walnut wood combined with black painted fronts is super bold. This is one of the first wood and paint combinations I’ve seen. I like for an adventurous space – possibly a bar area or family room.

Lastly, we return to the white kitchen, but this time with a gorgeous wooden island. In this vintage home, the white, wood and marble look stunning. 


Kitchen by: Redmond Aldrich Design

Kitchen by: Smith Hanes Studio


Which kitchen is your favorite? Do you think the color and wood trends will last? Or do you prefer classic white? Would love to know what you think!


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