Color Therapy: Vermilion

February 13, 2018

Whether you know a name for every shade or call a spade a spade, color has a huge impact on us in many ways. In this new series, Color Therapy, we want to not only highlight trending colors but show how designers use them in unique and aspirational ways. As color lovers, we hope this series will encourage you to bring more color into your life so we’ve pulled together some accessories to get you started using red in interior design. You may notice a few of these items in the designs featured below!

using red in interior design


One color that is popping up in a powerful way is red, also known as vermilion (if you want to sound fancy!). Interior trends notoriously follow fashion and red was all over the Fall/Winter 2017 runways. Benjamin Moore named Caliente the color of 2018 and Charlotte Sinclair of Vogue says, “Revolutions are ignited by it, the camera loves it and people go to court over it – no other colour has the extraordinary appeal of red.” It’s a classic color rooted in human history and we’re seeing it trending in two different ways.


Image Elle Decor Max Mara

No need to pepper it throughout a room in equal parts, designers are layering different shades of red boldly in one space.

using red in interior design

Image credit: Miles Redd

using red in interior design

Image: House and Garden UK

Another option for using red in interior design is to commit to using it in one impactful way. We’re seeing it especially in upholstery. Not ready for a red couch? Start with an ottoman or lacquered side table. Maybe even your kitchen cabinets, stair runner or wallpaper.

Image via Neptune Europe Ltd.

Centered by Design Project

Image via Fantastic Frank

red stair runner

Centered by Design project

Centered by Design project

Hope you are feeling fired up and ready to use red in your interior design plans. A little bit of color therapy goes a long way! Next month we will focus on another trending color. 


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