The Warwick Reno: Kitchen Sneak Peek

November 18, 2016

Ahh! I am so excited to share a few little peeks at our black and white kitchen renovation with you. Carolina Mariana, my lovely friend and photographer, was nice enough to give me a few shots while she’s on holiday with her family…because I’m DYING to see how everything turned out.

I’ll be sharing lots of AFTER photos, illustrating how the downstairs all came together, in the coming weeks…but the kitchen might be under wraps for a little while longer, so these will have to do for now. Take a look back to where we STARTEDI’m so glad we’ve made it this far (without killing each other, jk). Also, shout out to my fav stylist Elise Metzger who helped me with floral and styling for this shoot (b/c doing your own house makes you a crazy person).

Oh how I love BLACK + BRASS + WHITE:



centered_by_design_vintage_kitchen_hutchLots more to come! Thanks so much for checking out our progress here at The Warwick Reno. We are taking a much needed holiday break and then it’s onto the second floor. Our winter break will likely be installing new installation in the upstairs roof rafters, oh the glamour of home renovations!


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