Living Room Sneak Peek & Black Friday SALE

November 23, 2016

One of the best parts of being a designer is sharing the “reveal” photos. There is so much creative energy, planning, preparation, physical labor and financial commitment behind most projects that when photo shoot day is finally over it’s a huge relief! And then, you get the photos back and you remember why you LOVE to do this job. It’s always hard to wait to share the full room or house tour because I’m so dang excited.

Usually though, it’s a bit of a waiting game, especially if you’re submitting your work to be featured elsewhere. So while I don’t have the full tour yet, I thought I’d follow up the kitchen sneak peek with a few more photos from the living room and dining room. It’s also the perfect time to share a few of these images, because EVERYTHING is on sale for the upcoming Black Friday weekend, and if you’re buying anything now is the time!! (p.s. every year I say to myself – you need to get more organized for black friday shopping!). If you are always ready for the big black friday sales, please share your tips with me in the comments!



This is probably my absolute favorite vignette in the house!! This is our buffet and make-shift bar area the dining room. The buffet is a vintage revival, painted black in a satin finish, from my gal MegMade. And the amazing curio display on top is vintage find too. BUT if you’re in the market for beautiful glassware or decanters for your holiday party, the GLASSES are on sale at Anthropologie, and BLUSH decanter and CRYSTAL decanter are both from Horchow and will be 25% off on cyber Monday.

Horchow also has these classy monogramed coasters which are perfect for a holiday table or party! You can personalize the set of 100 and choose one of five colors for $33.00 though Monday. I went with the gold of course, but honestly I’ve used these a ton because my usual cork coasters just don’t look as pretty for a party. This is also such a great hostess gift for the holidays. I want to buy a bunch more in red and green!


Next up it’s the living room. And when I say holy coffee table, I mean it! I never really thought of myself as a marble and gold coffee table kind of gal, but when I was debating it (because it was the right shape, color, etc…) a good friend told me to put on my big girl pants, and JUST GO FOR IT! I’m so glad I did. The original design plan had a more organic table (less fancy), and then I was also thinking about THIS ONE from Serena & Lily. This table has been getting so many compliments, and hey, even designers have to push past their comfort zone once-in-awhile.

The Olivia coffee table is by Global Views and it’s 30% off at Horchow for Black Friday.


Thanks for checking out a little bit more of The Warwick Renovation, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! I’m truly grateful that you take the time to read the blog. I hope you leave feeling inspired and empowered, let me know how I can help you achieve your design goals and push past your own comfort zone!


Photography by Carolina Mariana, Styling Elise Metzger + me

*This is a sponsored post, thanks to Horchow and the brands that make this blog possible. All opinions are my own.*

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