10K Giveaway – Join the Instagram Party

May 22, 2017

It was a milestone moment for CBD this month when we reached 10 thousand followers on Instagram !! If you follow along on IG you might have heard about the big GIVEAWAY – don’t miss entering the contest (must enter via Instagram) and check out some of the great brands and prizes below.

I am so thankful for this encouraging, uplifting and exciting design community. Instagram is full of talented designers, renovators, builders, home decorators and so much more — I’m saving pictures from talented folks everyday, and trying my best to also offer inspiration, DIYs and behind the scenes moments to all of YOU. Reaching 10K from those first 37 or so IG friends has been both work and play. There is definitely some strategy and hard work involved in growing a following.

I’ll be giving a talk on this topic and more next week at The Merchandise Mart’s Digital by Design workshop event. This event is open to designers only, but I’ll re-cap my talk here on the blog in case you are interested in the subject matter as well. If you are local to Chicago and a designer you can register for the free event below. I’d love to see you there!


So many fabulous prizes from women-owned businesses for this giveaway! Click on the gallery to see captions of items that are included in the prize package, and check us out on INSTAGRAM.

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