Valentine’s Day Dinner Party Made Easy

February 8, 2017

You know how everyone has that one holiday they are wild about? Well, for whatever reason I’ve always had a soft spot for Valentine’s day. Maybe it was my grandma’s vintage valentine display each year, or that I’m a sucker for love, or that I’m fond of the color palette. Whatever the reason, I love having an excuse to create a pretty tablescape and have some girl friends over.

My new dining room doesn’t hurt this holiday scenario, because the pops of blush are really working in the month of February. The full dining room reveal is still on hold until a few final touches are in place (ahem, marble fabric drapes!!) but these table shots turned out too pretty not to share! Here are some easy ideas for hosting a Valentine’s Day dinner party and creating an elegant (but actually really easy) table setting. Thanks to stylist Elise Metzger for helping with the styling and setting ideas!

This to-do list and shopping list should have you covered. With most of these items on hand you can set this party up in an hour flat (my secret is ordering out for the main course) I never said I was a chef!


  • Gather dish ware and sliver ware you already have on hand. Ideally white dishes or something that works with the pink or red palette.
  • A cloth table runner and napkins add an elegant touch. If you don’t have any on hand you can get inexpensive muslin from a craft/fabric store and quickly cut/rip your own. Measure out a generous 18 to 20 inches with a ruler, start your cut with scissors, and rip. It’s a super quick project and will give your napkins an unfussy edge.
  • Small bowls work well for floating single roses, add some tea lights too.
  • Check the grocery list below. You can grab lots of store bought items to make the appetizer, dessert and beverages for the night.
  • Order out for dinner and you are DONE!!!

Setting the table simply feels elegant with the addition of a cloth runner, napkins, wine glasses and simple decor like cut roses and tea lights.


  • Beverages: Rose and other sparkling beverages with pink hues, like blood orange or cranberry Italian sodas.
  • Appetizer: Create a simple cheese and fruit platter. A good rule of thumb is three cheese options, two fruits, some jam and lots of crackers. Don’t over think it!
  • Dessert: Ask your local bakery or grocery bake shop if you can get two eight or nine inch cake rounds unfrosted. Buy white store bought frosting, or better yet make a simple homemade frosting and then add a little food coloring to reach your desired frosting shade. Garnish with pomegranate seeds for a little wow factor.
  • Florals: Grocery store roses will totally work. Grab whatever looks best. Cut the stems pretty close to the flower and float in bowls around the table. Add tea lights or other candles.
  • Dinner: Get your favorite take out menu ready for ordering. Even heart shaped pizzas would feel fancy with this set-up!

Top your store bought cake with homemade frosting and pomegranates for a quick, yet special dessert.

Rose and colored Italian sodas work perfectly with the Vday color palette.

Dining room vibes.

Cheese and fruit platter makes for easy appetizer. Haha, don’t recommend giving guests full halves of pomegranates. Those should be scooped out into a bowl.

LOVE sweet LOVE – Here’s my favorite Valentine : )

Engagement picture circa 2011 – how is that possible?!?

Hope you host a dinner gathering whether it’s just for someone special or for all the gal pals.




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