Lake Forest Traditional

May 13, 2022

Lake Forest Traditional

The Backstory

An art curator and an architect purchase their first home on a beloved street in Lake Forest. The vintage charms abounds, but needs some serious polishing to spruce up the tired interiors. Inherited family furniture and an art collection need to be lovingly on display. 

Personal Sanctuary Defined

Comfortable, curious, artistic, organic, personable

Our Approach

We designed with a heavy mix of antique pieces, which were all given a new life through reupholstery and restoration. Layering patterns with textiles, rugs, wall coverings and artwork give this interior a collected and approachable feeling. A pastoral toile wallpaper in the dining room is quite striking along with elegant custom window treatments. 



Meet Claire

Claire’s creative energy comes from her unique perspective on the world as both a trained interior designer and a passionate yoga teacher. Her affinity for kitchen design, timeless style and eclectic decorating are shared here, along with lots of interior design education and tips. Thanks for being here, please enjoy!

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