Southern Charm

May 13, 2022

Southern Charm Project

The Backstory

A sweet couple married in Charleston settles on the North shore of Chicago in a charming 1930s colonial. The house is badly in need of a kitchen overhaul and modern twist to reimagine the home’s historic architectural features. 

Personal Sanctuary Defined

Inviting, tailored, family-friendly, classic, bright

Our Approach

Bring some Southern charm to this darling vine-covered house! Highlight classic architectural elements like the staircase and baluster, egg and dart crown molding, and dramatic wooden tresses. Build a showstopper kitchen with quiet beauty and design within a nature-inspired palette of blues, greens, browns, and whites. 



Meet Claire

Claire’s creative energy comes from her unique perspective on the world as both a trained interior designer and a passionate yoga teacher. Her affinity for kitchen design, timeless style and eclectic decorating are shared here, along with lots of interior design education and tips. Thanks for being here, please enjoy!

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