Family Friendly Northshore

May 13, 2022

Family Friendly Northshore

The Backstory

A busy family with three little girls moves from their city condo to a suburban oasis. The challenge? Can we bring personality, whimsy and function to each room and make the most of this sweet house without major renovations.

Personal Sanctuary Defined

Welcoming, bright, colorful, whimsical, comfortable

Our Approach

The kitchen is the heart of this home and floor plan. We were able to give it a great makeover without total reconstruction. Cabinets were painted and re-worked in a few areas. New stone, plumbing and beautiful range hood complete the new look. Read more and see the before images in this blog entry.



Meet Claire

Claire’s creative energy comes from her unique perspective on the world as both a trained interior designer and a passionate yoga teacher. Her affinity for kitchen design, timeless style and eclectic decorating are shared here, along with lots of interior design education and tips. Thanks for being here, please enjoy!

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