Outfit to Room: April Edition

With wedding season in the Midwest quickly approaching I thought that this month’s Outfit to Room post could stand to go a little more formal. Stylist Alyssa of CoChic Styling give us her FAQ’s on wedding attire etiquette and says you CAN wear white to a wedding.

Here’s the room that inspired this spring wedding look. Our black, white and brass kitchen!

FAQ’s on Dressing for a Wedding

– When do I wear a long dress versus a short dress?

This look would be appropriate for a black tie or black tie optional spring or summer wedding. For a more casual wedding, opt for a cocktail (shorter) dress instead.

– I can wear white to a wedding?

Yes! This is a very dated rule. It depends on the bride, though. If you know the bride is someone who would be offended by others wearing white, or if she’s having an extremely traditional wedding, don’t risk it. And make sure your white dress doesn’t look like a bridal gown at all.

– What if the invitation is very fancy but doesn’t indicate that the wedding is black tie or black tie optional?

It’s always better to overdress than underdress. Assume it’s going to be a fancier affair and opt for a “black tie optional” look, like this one. A midi dress is also a good option to consider. (A midi dress is in between floor length and cocktail length.)

– Is it ok to bring a change of shoes for dancing?

Totally! The bride and groom want you to have a good time and be dancing all night long, so bring comfortable flats if your heels are going to bother you.

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Happy Wedding season! XO – CLAIRE

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