Kitchen Renovation with Ferguson

January 19, 2024

We partnered with Build With Ferguson to create a virtual rendering of Amy’s (one of the designers on our team!) kitchen renovation–and the results do not disappoint! It’s always a huge help to be able to see a design idea rendered virtually before fully committing to it. First and foremost, you can make sure you truly love the overall effect of the design but also tweak any of the details you’re not crazy about ahead of time to avoid big surprises in the field.


This kitchen before was pretty horrendous– dark, outdated, dirty and in serious need of a kitchen renovation overhaul. Nothing short of some interior design magic was needed to show the potential for what this space could be. At Centered by Design our aesthetic is light-hearted and healing. It’s vibrant, warm, and welcoming, with interesting use of color and pattern, elevated details, and found treasures. Historic, transitional, European, traditional, and English-inspired are also all good descriptors that define our style, and our approach to this virtual kitchen renovation.


We started by pulling some images that inspired us. The use of vibrant natural stone and the soft curves of this alcove hood both caught our attention and drove the kitchen design. So did the color burgundy! This deep, rich color is really catching on in the cabinetry world. You are going to see a lot of burgundy over the next few years.


Next, we looked through Ferguson’s extensive library of products and picked some with beautiful details to make this kitchen sing! The appliances were updated by selecting this new stainless steel dishwasher that’s clean and minimal. We chose a sink and faucet combo with classic lines and amazing functionality. We love a large single basin sink and pulldown faucet to make dishwashing as painless as possible. Then we looked at lighting and chose this sweet rattan pendant to accent the sink area with some earthy texture. Finally, these burnished brass cabinet knobs and pulls were a perfect accent to bring it all together.


Built With Ferguson rendered our designs and this is the finished result! We love how it turned out. What are your favorite elements of this virtual kitchen renovation? You can read more about how we partnered with Ferguson here.

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