House Beautiful Whole Home Vibrant Sunroom 

February 20, 2024

We were so honored to be chosen as designers at the 2023 House Beautiful Whole Home in Hinsdale, Illinois. This was the sixth year of the Whole Home project, which is a national show house organized and publicized by House Beautiful and the Hearst Magazine group. This year, along with 13 other design teams, we were tasked with preserving the history of a stunning 13,000-square-foot David Adler designed estate while updating it with fresh, vibrant designs. Centered by Design is known for our love of historical properties, so this was a perfect opportunity to reimagine an intricate sunroom and outdoor deck through color, whimsy and authenticity.

View from the backyard, you can see the upper deck and windows open to our light-filled sunroom!


The spacious sunroom was covered in original wooden trellis or lattice with a focal marble fountain. With passageways and doors on all sides it was a tricky room to floor plan, but we were up for the challenge! I loved the thought of keeping the trellis and making it feel fresh and updated. It was trellis was originally designed by London based firm Colefax and Fowler many years ago, and I wanted to pay homage to the truly beautiful and custom work they created. There was also a limestone floor that needed to stay and very little electricity!


We embraced the unique elements in the room and added European ambiance to craft a dreamy, lived-in, sunroom. We worked with artists at Simes Studios to create the floral mural and provide some visual relief to all the trellis work. Inspired by Parisian cafes, I also added a valance around the room to help connect everything together. Bright and happy fabrics, make for a cheerful and casual space. Indoor/outdoor drapery fabrics let you keep the doors open and not worry too much about wear and tear.

The private patio overlooking the garden and is a lovely spot for alfresco dining. 

We loved working with the all-female design team to be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! You can see the magazine on newsstands now!

Check out the House Beautiful Whole Home feature to tour the full home here and to see more photos of our sunroom here.

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