How To Use Trellis For Interior Design

April 1, 2024

Gaining popularity in recent years, trellis or lattice work has made its way indoors, adding depth, texture, and beauty to interior spaces. Trellis layered on an interior wall is elegant and sophisticated way to bring the outdoors in. We embraced this trend in the sunroom we designed for the 2023 House Beautiful Whole Home and it has been on our minds ever since. More on that later (don’t miss the end of this post). We are making it even easier to add the trellis look to your own home.

What do you think of when you hear the word trellis? Maybe an outdoor space or backyard like these photos. Trellis is a staple in gardening, used as a decorative and functional framework for plants to grow and thrive.

We recently talked with House Beautiful about how this outdoor gardening staple is redefining interior spaces. With trends moving away from minimalism, designers are welcoming the creativity trellis offer. There are endless variations in scale, color, and material to make it your own. While often in a lattice or symmetrical grid, trellis can include circles and arches to accommodate your space and transform it into a full blown trellis wonderland. The repetition of the geometric patterns adds a sense of rhythm and movement to a room, making it feel more dynamic and inviting. We predict the trellis trend to push boundaries beyond the expected green and white approach and become more vibrant. Our bright yellow trellis room is just that: unexpected, energetic, and bold. (See the tranformation here!)

yellow trellis sunroom


Trellis may be trendy, but it dates back centuries. Invented by French farmers in the 12th century, trelliages, or latticework, were built from strips of wood or metal as a structure to support vines and growing plants. Under King Louis XVI’s reign, trelliages gained popularity when the lavish “Salon De Trelliage” was revealed in the gardens of Versailles. Fast forward to 1905, Elsie de Wolfe introduced trellis to interiors when she designed the “Trellis Room” at The Colony Club, a New York City private club for high society women. The Trellis Room has inspired so many designers and began the movement for trellis as a classical design element in interior spaces.


Ever since the pandemic, there has been an emphasis on unique, evocative design. We have noticed our client’s interests shifting away from white box rooms in search of interior finishes that offer a sense of escapism. There has been a bold evolution toward color, more whimsical design elements, and, now more than ever, an appetite for bringing the outdoors in. With a strong association to gardens, trellis is perfect for bringing a touch of nature indoors. It can bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor spaces and create a harmonious and cohesive space.

The popularity of trellis is coming on the heels of the comeback of wallpaper. Trellis is another wall application, only with a 3D quality to it. It adds texture and dimension to a room while providing a backdrop for additional layered patterns in textiles and finishes. Try it on a smaller scale on the walls in a powder room. On a larger scale, it can feel romantic in a large living room, interior sunroom or breakfast nook. Even a bedroom would be beautiful and spring-like year ’round with a trellis wallpaper.

Trellis is reflective of a European garden, a chic Parisian hotel or boutique… innately romantic and magical. It’s hard to walk into a trellis room and not feel immediately transported!


We love the bold approach of a full trellis room, but realize it can be a commitment. There are a lot of ways to incorporate trellis in your space through more subtle accents like furniture, room dividers, cabinet doors, wallpapers, linens, and accessories.  


Installing a wood trellis in your space might see daunting. Designers and homeowners are often turning to other mediums, such as wallpaper and fabric, as a more modern and cost-effective take on the classic. That’s why we are so excited about our trellis-inspired wallpaper launching this fall in collaboration with French decor company, Isidore Leroy. Trellis is meant to be unique to your space and this hand-painted collection is no exception. There will be several color options and each paper is printed to order and customized to your walls and room. Our designs are more artistic than just the actual architectural trellis. They exude color, movement, and nature. It has been so special to work with such talented artists to bring our vision to life.


These are just two of several papers in the works. We can’t wait to share more of this dreamy collection soon! Head to our Instagram @CenteredbyDesign for more sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes as we travel to France next month!

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