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September 21, 2017

Last winter, while traveling to an influencer event in Minneapolis I had the good fortune of meeting Sarah Gibson of Room for Tuesday. (Between you and me, I totally knew who Sarah was and had recently followed her amazing home decor blog!) But I played it cool, and we became fast friends bonding over our own home renovations and handy husbands. Sarah had already renovated her OHIO HOME, but more recently moved to Utah and is starting the renovation process all over again.

She has made a ton of progress already with her husband Emmett and their fur babies, finishing the master bedroom, living room, guest room and backyard. We decide to TRADE HOME TOURS, and share the home reno inspiration! We are both currently living in a construction zone as we try and finish up our homes, and looking at these pretty pictures is a good reminder that putting in the hard work is WORTH IT for a home you truly love.

Here’s the gorgeous tour!

Welcome to the Gibson home, love that we both have black doors — must be a designer thing!

You walk in and POW! This stunning built-in hits you front and center. I love that Sarah was not afraid to use color and she picked a stunning stone for the fireplace. Learn more about the STONE and choosing a perfect GREEN paint on Sarah’s blog.

Moving into the master bedroom, you can see a similar neutral / white palette, but now with a soft blue gray, buttery tan leather, and some vintage style pattern in the rug and accent pillow. It’s so interesting that Sarah and Emmett chose this look for their bedroom, because it’s very similar to the look we are after for our second floor! It will be fun to see how our space turns out similar, yet different.

I’m super impressed with Sarah’s ability to turn typical old closets, into much more functional semi-custom built-in closets! She did this with five closets in the house, and you can read more about the process HERE.

Last but not least, it’s onto the backyard. Just watching the Instagram stories on this one made me tired! Dang, they overhauled that thing! It’s so dreamy, I can’t believe it! I may never show you our backyard…it needs so much work.

The pergola, the patio, the built-in sofa, the grill, the landscaping!! It’s all so lovely, and looks like the perfect spot to hang with friends. Hope I get invited over sometime : )

There is the first part of Sarah’s home tour! We will have to share the second half of the tours later in the year, makes me excited about what is to come. Remember to check out Room for Tuesday, if you have not, and find more design love on Instagram with Sarah too.


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