Getting Organized with NEAT METHOD

January 5, 2019

It’s a brand new year – happy 2019 friends! In honor of starting the year off on the right foot (and motivating you to get organized too!), I’m sharing a little office organizing makeover we did with neat METHOD. If you haven’t heard of neat METHOD yet, I may be about to change your life. This woman-owned business has locations all over the USA and takes home (and office) organization SERIOUSLY. They take on jobs of all sizes from moves across the country to simply re-organizing your pantry or closet.

I have referred several clients to neat METHOD and the Chicago team led by Brooke Nieman. They are absolutely fabulous, fast and professional. I was so impressed with how well they had helped my clients with their kitchen organization, linen closets and home offices I decided I needed their help as well. You can see why below! While the front of the studio looks pretty good on a daily basis, our back work area and library was becoming a total mess!

Front of studio view:

Behind that pretty black and gold wallpaper, my desk and sample area was looking scary! All of the bins and baskets I had originally purchased were overflowing and nothing was easy to find or labeled. Here are three of the before photos from Brooke.

With a new assistant and intern starting I needed everything in tip top shape. I had a few simple goals that I communicated to Brooke via email such as, dedicated client storage drawers, better use of space and simply more storage! She did one site visit, took my feed back and looked for preferred additional storage options, which she emailed me for approval on. Then she showed up on our scheduled makeover day with everything needed to get organized and labeled in one day!!

I am so pleased with how everything turned out. Larger baskets, labels, new file folders, additional hanging storage and new clients files (not pictured – need to get a photo!) have made sourcing and sampling much easier. We also have additional storage cabinets that aren’t pictured and remained the same, but we really needed to maximize storage around the desk area and neat METHOD came to the rescue!

Brooke and her team do the shopping and organizing for you at an hourly rate and also bill you for the cost of the storage items agreed to. I spent about $1000 total on the baskets, boxes, file folders, labels, hooks and client storage files (ALEX 9-drawer units IKEA). It was totally money well spent for ease, peace of mind and a more organized office!

Here are two Centered by Design kitchens from last year that neat Method organized:

Thanks to Brooke and the Chicago neat METHOD team. If you need even more organizing inspiration check out Marie Kondo’s new Netflix series, tidying up can be life changing stuff!

If you’re interested in working with Centered by Design visit our Contact or Services page, we’d love to hear from you!


this post is partially sponsored by neat Method but all opinions and re-counting of the experience are my own. thanks to the partners that keep this blog running!

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