Elegant & Eco-Friendly Holiday Table Decor

December 20, 2014

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are just around the corner. If you’re having guests over, and ready to stray from the typical poinsettia you might like my elegant and organic tablescape idea! It’s easy to create a show-stopping table setting with items you have on hand, by simply adding greenery and fruit into the mix.

The added bonus of table decor like this (or the endless variations possible) it that everything is reusable and organic – no paper goods or silly plastic decorations to throw away. My florist friend Kate of Fleur Du Jour first inspired this idea when we discussed the idea of creating a table runner out of greenery. This was the inspiration photo:

image via wearethetempted.com

image via wearethetempted.com

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Dishware – dinner plate and salad plate
  • Silverware
  • Stemmed glassware
  • Cloth napkins
  • Greenery (about 25 stems – I ordered mine through a local florist)
  • Fruit (1 per/person)
  • Candle Pillars / candles
holiday table decor items

A few items on my table included this Nambe Dinnerware in Butterfly Marble Swirl – smoke color (purchased at Macys), Convivial Production Candle Pillars, and Napkins from Dot & Army ( both found on Etsy).

Step 1: Assess the length of your table and how much greenery you’ll need to create a runner the length of your table out of the branches (20 – 30 stems should be plenty). I used a combination of olive branches, blueberry cedar, and rosemary. You can use whatever is in your backyard! Pine, cedar, and holly berries would be a classic holiday combination.

herbs used for table decor

Step 2: Place your candleholders along the length of your table. Arrange the branches in an organic way, creating a table runner out of the greenery. Try to mix and layer the different branches.

how to layer table greenery

Step 3: Begin to set the table layering plates and napkins. Make sure your place settings are correct! The fork goes on the left and the knife, spoon, and wine glass on the right.

Step 4: Add a piece of fruit to everyone’s plate. I used a small orange (playing off the tradition a Christmas orange), but you could choose pears, persimmons, pomegranates, or even figs – just use the same item on each plate to bring cohesion to the table. You could also add place cards at this stage if you choose.

greenery as table runnerhow to decorate a organic holiday table table with greenery runner


Step 5: Light your candles, turn down the lights, and wait for guests to ooh and aah over your gorgeous table. You can even let guests take a branch or two as a party favor – especially if they are usable herbs like rosemary!

Hope you give this one or a similar variation a try! Let me know what your favorite greens and fruits turned out to be.

XO – Claire

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