DIY Copper Bar Plant Holder

January 20, 2016

Yesterday it was – 20 degrees with the windchill, and if you’re anything like me you’ve been dreaming of the beach. If you’re feeling starved for flowers and greenery, or have simply been meaning to get more house plants – this is the DIY for you. CRAZY EASY. Really, there are no tools involved and only five supplies and five steps are needed!

You may remember some of these images from the Foxtail + Moss Studio Makeover Collaboration. I had the best time creating a little boho magic with fellow Chicago bloggers, Lauren and Claire! This project was part of the makeover, and I thought it was finally time to give you all some quick and easy instructions.


DIY Copper Bar Plant Holder

Supply List:

  • ½” copper pipe from hardware store
  • macramé or twisted cotton rope
  • 2 screw hooks
  • level
  • plants in hanging baskets



  • Assess the height and width appropriate for copper bar, estimate yardage of cotton rope you’ll need based on your ceiling height.
  • Have copper pipe cut to size at hardware store if necessary.
  • Make sure to evenly space your screw hooks on the ceiling.
  • Thread cotton rope through the pipe and secure with knots onto screw hooks, use the level to make sure copper bar is straight.
  • Hang your favorite plants!



Get that green thumb going!


*all photos courtesy of Foxtail + Moss

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