Creating Sacred Space at Home

December 31, 2019

My Thoughts on Sacred Space + Personal Sanctuary:

Happy New Year friends! This year Centered by Design is not going to be shy about spreading our message of personal sanctuary. I believe creating sacred space at home is one of the most healing and kind things we can do for ourselves. Our lives today are lived at an intense pace and we all deserve respite at home.

This does not mean a home has to be grand, painted all white or look like a yoga studio to feel sacred. This means your home should be a reflection of you and have elements that bring you joy and peace. Thinking about color, scents, textures, natural light, comfort and artwork are all good starting places to generate ideas on how to create your own sacred space at home.

Our New Year event with Jayson Home, Chicago:

I’m excited to be offering a workshop on this topic of creating sacred space at home with one of my most favorite home decor shop, Jayson Home. Jayson Home made the cover of House Beautiful, December 2019 as one of the 50 top home stores in America! I’ve invited a favorite local yoga teacher and doula of mine, Amy Owen, to join us and lead a meditation and all levels yoga practice. You can BUY YOUR TICKET HERE on Eventbrite.

After we get centered with yoga and meditation, I’ll lead us in a few exercises to think about how we might create our own sacred space at home. It can be difficult to create peace and respite in a chaotic and cluttered space, so a first step might be some purging and donating! “Whether you’re religious, non-religious, or anything in between, a sacred space can help you pause, unplug, and reflect on the only work that really matters: loving the world, practicing gratitude, and being kind to yourself.” – love this quote from Huffington Post article, 2016.

Creating Sacred Space at Home: A Designated Area to Connect with Yourself

Life coach, Rosetta Thurman, says that having a designated space in your home for prayer, meditation, or private reflection can be a constant reminder of how important it is to cultivate a sense of awe and wonder in your life.

I think it’s useful to set an intention before designing a home or creating a space. I often help my clients focus in on how they want their space to feel, not just look. We choose five words to guide our design decisions. For your sacred space or even for a whole home design, ask yourself, What am I seeking to add to my life by setting this space apart in my home? What do I hope to do in this space?

Montgomery House Project, Glencoe IL

A sacred space is simply a designated area to connect with yourself. It could be a room, the top of a dresser, a chair and side table you find comforting. Really any place you can create that would feel right for you to engage in prayer, ritual, yoga, mantra, deep breathing, intention setting or to just have your cup of morning tea!

creating sacred space in the kitchen

Evanston Kitchen Remodel Project

I have learned it’s recommended when trying to begin a new habit or ritual to commit to it for 11, 21 or 40 days. By coming back to your sacred space again and again, you will build the energy you want to cultivate!! I hope to see you at our mini-retreat, here’s to more sacred spaces in our lives!

creating sacred space a window sill

Lake Forest Showhouse Project

XX – Claire + the Centered by Design team

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