Color Therapy: Decorating with Yellow!

June 17, 2018

Decorating with Yellow:

Chances are you have a specific opinion on yellow, you like it or you don’t. There are so many different shades and they all can evoke different feelings in a space. You’ve got the golden yellow of the 1970’s, the buttery yellow big in the 1990’s, the fashion color chartreuse, punchy lemon, the list could go on. In this Color Therapy post, we’ve pulled together some of the best uses of true yellow in interiors and pinpoint what makes it so successful. Decorating with yellow can be (seriously) FUN and chic!


Home of designer Jorge Vazquez designed by Amaro Sanchez de Moya.

The color yellow is making itself known in pop culture lately, and was recently coined Gen-Z Yellow. Beyonce’s Lemonade music video where she smashes a car wearing a yellow dress may have been the start, and Man Repeller was the first to make this connection in an article titled,Move over Millennial Pink, There’s a New Sheriff in Town“. Writer Haley Nahman says, “Gen-Z yellow is the natural evolution of millennial pink. It maintains that pleasing-to-the-eye softness of the sweetest shades of millennial pink, but without the over-played infantilization. It’s both nostalgic and modern. It has zest, energy and optimism.”

Palmer Weiss

Designers are always striving to be ahead of the curve and timeless at the same time. We love yellow and many of these inspirational interiors are from well before the current yellow trend. We’d also like you to note that some of the most inspirational yellow uses were in spaces outside of the US. What does this mean for you? Incorporating yellow into your space is not only timeless, but can give your space a global edge!


Akant Bureau Anton Atlas and Maria Shubina, AD Russia


Kay Douglas

One way we see yellow working best is in single bold element like painted furniture, cabinetry or upholstery. As you scroll through the photos, take note of all the shades of yellow and which you prefer. 


Designer: Nadaya Zotova Photo: MIKHAIL LOSKUTOV seen in AD

Who wouldn’t want a yellow door to stand out against a dreary winter day or welcome friends into the cheer of springtime? Yellow looks fashion forward in the city scape picture and also looks appropriate on a California bungalow exterior dutch door.

LA designer Heather Taylor of Heather Taylor Home


Source: Unknown

Another great way to add yellow into a space is by peppering it throughout a more neutral space with the use of artwork and accessories. The Modern Manse home seen in Est Living in Melbourne, Australia is the perfect example. You see yellow upholstered chairs in the dining room and in the adjacent living room you see it in art above the fireplace.

Margie Bromilow Interiors

Margie Bromilow Interiors

Even if you don’t look good in yellow, or it’s not your favorite color, you can still use it in you space for that moment of unexpected, the zinger that can make a space go from looking designed to designer. These last two photos illustrate that decorating with yellow does work with simple accents. Both rooms really pop with the yellow accent pillows. We hope you take this inspiration and go forward in decorating with yellow’s zestful energy and optimism!


Home of designer Jorge Vazquez designed by Amaro Sanchez de Moya.

Centered by Design – Vintage Lakeshore Project


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