Your Kitchen Renovation Questions, Answered in Our New PDF Series

August 31, 2020

At Centered by Design, we’re big believers that interior design—including all those kitchen renovation questions you might have—doesn’t have to be complicated. And even if hiring an interior designer isn’t in the budget for you right now (or perhaps you just really love to DIY), you should have access to tools and resources that can help make your home—and your life—more beautiful. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of a big project we’ve been working on: Designer Advice Made Simple.

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What is Designer Advice Made Simple?

A collection of thoughtful, educational PDFs (plus interviews with industry pros and an accompanying IGTV video series), Designer Advice Made Simple is all about equipping you with the expertise you need for improving your home, from style guidance to practical advice on renovations. We developed this series to help answer many of the most common questions we get when working with homeowners on renovations and interior decorating, drawing on our depth of experience in the Chicago interior design world. 

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Who is Designer Advice Made Simple for?

If you don’t have hours to spend on the Internet researching questions about a kitchen renovation and want the help of an interior designer—at a fraction of the price—these PDFs are for you. The advice we’re providing through Designer Advice Made Simple is all-encompassing, designed to help homeowners in any stage of life envision and execute the look of their dream home. Our hope is that novice decorators, or anyone doing a kitchen renovation, will find valuable insights in these PDFs.

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What does Designer Advice Made Simple cover?

Our largest, most comprehensive PDF is all about kitchen design, one of our favorite areas of expertise. In the Insider’s Guide to Kitchen Design, you’ll get 50 pages packed with interior designer advice on renovating your kitchen, from planning and budgeting to construction and the finishing touches.

We’ve laid out this PDF in a way that feels friendly and accessible, like you’re learning from a friend who happens to be an interior designer. We believe that design shouldn’t feel overwhelming or stressful, but curated, personal and fun—and this PDF will walk you through it, step-by-step, to help make the process of renovating your kitchen enjoyable, and the results just what you dreamed of.

Cover of Insider's Guide to Kitchen Renovation Questions

Already have your perfect kitchen? That’s excellent! We have more resources that might be helpful to you in other areas of your home. For example:

Our Favorite Resources for Interior Decorating

Stop scrolling Pinterest endlessly when you learn interior designers’ favorite sources for sourcing wallpaper, art, pillows, lighting, bedding and more in this must-have guide. Included in this PDF are more than 65 resources—at varying price points and styles—to get a designer look throughout your home.

favorite interior designer resources

Insider’s Guide to Decorating with Color

We’re all staying at home more than ever. If your neutral walls are feeling less than inspiring lately, turn to this PDF guide for an interior designer’s paint color recommendations for every type of room—plus an explanation on paint sheens and how color can transform the feel of a room.

guide to decorating with color

Insider’s Guide to Decorating with Window Treatments

Windows can feel like a blank canvas—and also overwhelm when it comes to decorating. If you’re stumped on drapery styles, Roman shades and pleating (to name a few), these PDFs will demystify window treatments and help you to find the best style for your room, as well as provide tips on installation.

decorating with window treatments

You can shop the full collection of our PDF design guides here

Want to learn more about why Centered by Design is a top resource for kitchen design and renovation? Check out this post from DIY Playbook, who we recently worked with on a top-to-bottom kitchen redesign. You can also get more free kitchen advice by tuning into this Q&A on DIY Playbook’s Instagram with our founder and owner, Claire Staszak.

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