Kitchen Remodel Survey PDF

Insider’s Guide to Kitchen Design


Learn the how-tos of renovating your kitchen from an experienced interior design firm. This 50 page PDF will be your guide from planning and budgeting to construction and the final reveal! This is ALL our advice in one place!

This guide is broken into four sections: Practical Advice, Design Guidelines, How To Get Started and Sample Drawing Set. Follow it in order and use it like a workbook for maximum efficiency. It’s never too early to start planning your dream kitchen, Bon Appetit!

Insider’s Guide to Kitchen Design

Designing a kitchen, or the heart of the home as we like to call it, takes a lot of knowledge, organization, a great team and an even better project manager. Whether you are about to embark on your own renovation and have a designer, contractor or cabinet maker, etc. this guide will give you a lot to think about and empower you to make educated design choices!

This guide is born out of my love for kitchen design and my experience as both an interior designer, kitchen designer and homeowner. We have restored and renovated our 1940s Chicago Bungalow. Our house was featured in The Chicago Tribune. My design education also included coursework affiliated with the NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath Association), which I highly recommend as a resource to designers and homeowners alike. The majority of imagery in this PDF is of kitchens from our design portfolio (the source is otherwise attributed). I opened my full service design firm, Centered by Design in 2015, and kitchen design has become a passion for our firm.