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I don’t remember the exact moment I discovered William McLure‘s design work and art work, but the first image posted below, with the white painted floor stopped me in my tracks! There is nothing I love more than a well-layered room, and I was likely researching white painted floors. William does both the floor and the layering so well! I think I’m drawn to his style for a few other reasons, including the depth he creates in his rooms with items you can tell are vintage or antique. Plus, he can create show stopping rooms in both neutrals and color – as you can see in all the photos below. I think that is a true sign of a talented designer. No one trick pony around here!

William is based in Birmingham, Alabama and I think you’ll love his insight and tips. Here’s the William McLure interview / Q&A:

My secret styling trick: Layering a room. Books, candles, flowers, sculpture, etc….The details that make a room personal. This is what makes a room special, unique and pulls it all together!

My childhood bedroom would have this: I was constantly nailing sheets to the ceiling to try to give the effect of a canopy over the bed!!

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Color Therapy: Vermilion

using red in interior design

Whether you know a name for every shade or call a spade a spade, color has a huge impact on us in many ways. In this new series, Color Therapy, we want to not only highlight trending colors but show how designers use them in unique and aspirational ways. As color lovers, we hope this series will encourage you to bring more color into your life so we’ve pulled together some accessories to get you started using red in interior design. You may notice a few of these items in the designs featured below!

using red in interior design


One color that is popping up in a powerful way is red, also known as vermilion (if you want to sound fancy!). Interior trends notoriously follow fashion and red was all over the Fall/Winter 2017 runways. Benjamin Moore named Caliente the color of 2018 and Charlotte Sinclair of Vogue says, “Revolutions are ignited by it, the camera loves it and people go to court over it – no other colour has the extraordinary appeal of red.” It’s a classic color rooted in human history and we’re seeing it trending in two different ways.

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Kitchen Design Trends 2018

kitchen trends 2018 wood cabinets

Before we get too far into the year, I want to share a few predictions for kitchen design trends 2018. I was flattered to be asked by media outlet MyDomaine about what trend I think will come on strong in 2018. I’ve been working on lots of kitchens lately, and since it’s definitely the heart of the home in my opinion, I focused my answer on kitchen design. See the quotes below:

In summary: There will always be a place for a white kitchen, it’s classic and fresh…but after five or more years of seeing every variation on the white kitchen, you will start seeing lots of dark cabinetry and a return to wood cabinets too!

kitchen design trends 2018

Here are some of my favorite inspirations images for trending kitchen design 2018:

I think you’ll see a lot more people open to dark gray and black kitchen cabinets. This image was actually the main inspiration for a gorgeous kitchen we did here in Chicago for clients that I hope to shoot this spring. As long as other elements in the space are light, such as a wall paint color, and you have decent natural light dark cabinets are a great option and will not cause a space to feel darker.


Image via Pinterest

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Modern Bulletin Board DIY

modern bulletin board diy project

It’s hard to find a classy looking bulletin board! And it can be even more difficult to find a nice big bulletin board. When we opened the design studio, I knew our big blank wall would look great with three large bulletin boards. And they would also be super functional for design time and client meetings, but I couldn’t quite figure out the best DIY method. Then, I came across an image on Instagram where my pal Erin Kestenbaum had used an old frame to create her board and the light bulb went off!



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How To Pitch & Get Press For Your Interior Design Business


Interior design inspiration and education are my main focuses here on the blog (with some personal updates sprinkled in of course). Another passion of mine, is helping to educate other designers on running a business, because design school is NOT business school – as most designers will tell you! I’m fortunate to also have a background in journalism and marketing, so I believe this has given me a leg up when understanding how to pitch and get press for your interior design business. My design work has been featured by many national online design outlets (such as Elle Decor, MyDomaine, HGTV, Domino, Rue Mag, Apartment Therapy, The Chicago Tribune – and more), and fingers crossed I’ll be in my first national print magazine Spring 2018. This is all with less than two years fully in business for myself, which is to say – it’s never too early to start seeking coverage!

If you missed past articles focused on running your design business, you can read My Top 10 Apps for Your Design Business and Branding Your Small Business advice too. You can also hear me talk more about my blog and business on A Well-Designed Business Podcast and Million Dollar Decorating.

I’m going to list all my tips below. But first, I would like to direct you to Amy Flurry of Recipe for Press and encourage you to listen to Amy’s interview on A Well-Designed Business. Besides beautiful photography and some pitching know-how, the most important thing you need is access to the editors! Buying a media list (and the fact that Amy as developed one for creatives) is genius! You still need to do your research (more on this below), but this makes your chances of getting through to the correct person much higher.

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The Warwick Reno: Nursery Reveal


With only 10 days until baby girl’s due date, I’m excited to finally be revealing the before and after of our attic nursery! I’m going to include some before photos below, but if you want to reacquaint yourself with the full BEFORE tour of our Tudor-bungalow, you’ll remember that our upstairs feels more like an attic than a full second floor. The bedroom we decided to use for the nursery has some funky ceiling lines, but it made for a great space to create a graphic accent wall with wallpaper. After much deliberation, I was certain a floral pattern was the way to go. I had a wonderful time working with Farrow & Ball, and choosing a pattern from their new 2017 collection of floral inspired papers. We chose the floral called Hegemone. I love the wild artistic feel and description, “taking its name from the Greek goddess of fruit and flowers, the design blooms freely in all directions to bring your walls to life.

Here’s my initial inspiration board and DESIGN PLAN for the attic nursery:


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DESIGN SCHOOL: Natasha Habermann Studio

Hello there! We are back with a new edition of DESIGN SCHOOL, this time with a designer who comes from a non-traditional background (i.e. self taught). Natasha Habermann was my first Instagram crush and digital friend, who became a real-life friend! Back in good old 2015, Natasha was one of the first people I began following on Instagram for design and travel inspiration, her photos are stunning! Turns out she has family in Chicago, so we’ve been able to connect a few times IRL.

It’s been SO much fun watching her career take off. Her recent One Room Challenge (cult 6-week makeover challenge) space was chosen by none other than Sophie Donelson of House Beautiful as a winner!! Natasha and her husband (and her extremely handy/artistic parents) have been renovating their recently purchased and very chic farmhouse in upstate New York. I love Natasha’s eclectic and artistic style and I think you will too, here is the interview!

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Year in Review: 2017 Highlights

As I write this post at more than 8 months pregnant, I can no longer balance my laptop on my stomach : ) that is to say that a huge personal highlight of this year was finding out we were pregnant in May. Also, between summer of 2016 and the end of this year we’ve renovated or updated every single room in the house!! (with the exception of the first floor bathroom, basement and backyard).

We hope to get to those in the next year or so. You can find all our home renovation posts under THE WARWICK RENO. Our HOME TOUR, was a really popular post and contains all the downstairs renovation photos. We are so excited to share the second floor before and after photos, and should be able to do that this month or next – very soon!

The new baby girl, due at the end of January / early Feb. 2018 certainly accounted for a good amount of content of this year:

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The Best of High Point Market Fall 2017

the best of high point market 2017 accessories

I was not able to make it out to North Carolina for High Point Market this year, but luckily for all of us, I had an “insider” attend during the October session to bring us back the scoop on the best of High Point Market Fall 2017!

High Point Market, often referred to as simply “market” by the interior design community is the largest home furnishings industry trade show in the world with over 2000 exhibitors, and 10 million square feet of shopping! My friend and fellow designer, Sarah Montgomery, was there on behalf of the company where she works, Eastern Accents, which is fabulous Chicago-based resource for beds, bedding, pillows, drapery and more.

Sarah’s got a FABULOUS eye and knows the Centered by Design brand well (we both love color, texture and textiles), so she chose six of her favorite vendors to highlight for us here:

Wesley Hall

Wesley Hall is a domestic furniture manufacturer based out of Hickory, North Carolina. They specialize in upholstered furniture and are known for their colorful leathers and large selection of fabrics as well as their quality and company culture.

All of their furniture is customizable, from the leg finish, to the nailheads to arm height on a sofa. It is important for designers to see the Wesley Hall showroom at market, not only to see and try the new introductions, but to see the possibilities since everything is custom. Their showroom is always so well done, and they are not afraid of color! They actually change the color of their double entryway doors every market and designers have fun guessing what it will be. It’s this attention to detail that is carried out through the whole showroom and can set a trend in motion.

wesley hall high point market wesley hall high point market book wallpaper

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Our Maternity Photos & Holistic Thoughts on Pregnancy


I’ve been trying to name and start this post for at least thirty minutes! “Our Maternity Photos and Holistic Pregnancy Tips” seems underwhelming at best, but I want to share my thoughts as authentically as possible, as at almost 35 weeks into this experience, I’ve learned a lot and realize that these pretty pictures aren’t the most accurate representation of all that has happened. Although, I do love the photos and I’m so glad we took them.

NOTE: On the photography, we took these on location at the Garfield Park Conservatory and worked with photographer Todd Crawford. I wanted the shoot to feel natural and not too staged, I love how Todd brought my vision to life. Both my dresses are not maternity, or from this season (sorry!). I found the plaid dress at Nordstrom and the wild flowery dress is H&M.

I want to sprinkle some of my real pregnancy experience between the photos, because while there have been some beautiful moments, the majority of my pregnancy I’ve felt less than excited and rarely like the womanly goddess that I see strewn across magazine covers and social media. I hope that in sharing some of my experience it might help you or someone you love feel a little less pressure during this special, but intense time.

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