Top Spots to Buy Wallpaper Online, According to Interior Designers

October 22, 2021

They say everything old is new again. That cliché holds true when it comes to a trend being revived from the depths of history: wallpaper. According to Vogue, wallpaper is back—and hotter than ever.

Way back in the 16th century, wallpaper was used to decorate small rooms and the insides of cupboards in merchants’ homes. Centuries later, it showed up everywhere—from hallways and bedrooms to dining rooms and powder rooms. Falling out of favor for a while when chintzy yellow flowers or gaudy stripes dated rooms, rather than accented them, wallpaper is reappearing once again inside the chicest homes.

Room by Centered by Design, paper Relativity Textiles

At Centered by Design, we like to stick to classic design with modern touches—and for that reason, we’re huge fans of using wallpaper. It has a way of bringing rooms to life in a way paint cannot, especially in contained areas.

With thousands upon thousands of options to choose from, it can seem daunting to pick a wallpaper. Today we’re sharing our favorite resources for where to buy wallpaper, including retail and designer stores—plus a few spots to get access to designer papers without a designer account. (Want more interior designer resources? Check out our favorites here!) Not ready to fully commit to a wallpaper using adhesive? Peel-and-stick wallpaper is becoming more widely available, and it’s easy enough for anyone to DIY.

Room by Centered by Design, paper Boråstapeter Wallpapers

Where to Buy Wallpaper: Retail Sources

Hygge and West

This site specializes in USA-made wallpapers and frequently collaborates with artists and designers. It offers some peel-and-stick wallpaper options, too.


Browse a huge selection of wallpaper (check out the brand’s Instagram account for lots of inspiration) and order free samples to see how a wallpaper will look in your home.

Serena & Lilly

The epitome of classic California cool, this beloved brand sticks to wallpaper in blue, green, gray, and natural hues to add depth to a room without being distracting.

Room by Centered by Design, paper Morris + Co.

Relativity Textiles

Unexpected and large patterns are a hallmark of this screen-printed wallpaper manufacturer based in the USA.

Chasing Paper

With patterns from bright botanicals to cute animals and almost cartoonish novelty prints, this site offers many great options for children’s rooms (or whimsical common spaces, like a guest bath).

Rebecca Atwood

Choose from digitally printed, screen printed, woven, embroidered, or performance wallpapers. Among its bestsellers: the marble collection, inspired by coastal elements.

Room by Centered by Design, paper Lewis & Wood


This Swedish brand is always on trend, as evidenced by its latest wallpapers showcasing nature, flowers, and other organic forms.

Rebel Walls

When you want to take wallpaper to the next level, check out this Scandinavian brand, which offers bold and imaginative wall murals.


Love shopping this brand’s eclectic clothing and home lines? Then you’ll also love its collection of more than 600 wallpapers—many showcasing beautiful jewel tones.

Farrow & Ball

Specializing in timeless design, this company known for its rich paint also recently launched a shiny new metallic wallpaper collection.

Room by Centered by Design, paper Schumacher “Carly”

Where to Buy Wallpaper: Designer Sources

Work with an interior designer to gain access to wallpaper from these brands.


Wallpaper doesn’t get more classic than Schumacher.


This British company has encapsulated iconic floral wallpaper since 1860.

Cole & Son

The London-based brand frequently collaborates with artists, such as South Africa native Jabula.

Room by Centered by Design, paper Rebecca Atwood


Abstract wallpaper styles give an almost ethereal vibe to any room.

Abigail Borg

Printed in England, these nature-inspired wallpapers feature brightly colored plants and florals.

Maison C

Founded by a pair of interior designers, this wallpaper company has mythical prints inspired by folklore.

Room by Centered by Design, paper (grasscloth) Philip Jeffries


For truly one-of-a-kind wallpaper, look no further.

Paper Mills

Hand-manufactured wallpapers can be customized to any color scheme.

Mitchell Black

Find crowd-pleasing patterns in fun hues and colors.

Room by Centered by Design, paper by Cole + Sons

Juju Papers

These selections give new meaning to “pattern play.”

Morris & Co.

Discover statement wallpapers in iconic prints hat have stood the test of time (for more than 160 years!).

Room by Centered by Design, paper Calico Wallpaper

Where to Buy Designer Wallpaper Without a Designer Account

While you can’t buy from directly from the above companies without an interior designer account, you can shop from these two spots and often find the exact wallpaper you’re looking for:

Decorators Best

In addition to a huge selection of designer wallpapers, this site also has wonderful inspiration pages to help you create your ideal room.

Wallpaper Direct

We talked about this site above, but it’s worth mentioning again here for its wide selection of typically designer-only wallpaper, such as Morris & Co.’s “Strawberry Thief.”

Our Favorite Spots to Use Wallpaper

Wallpaper works well in a contained space, so all our favorite ways to use wallpaper tend to have defined boundaries. That includes:

Dining rooms: Wallpaper looks great here, as it can often cover all four walls.

Kids’ rooms: You can be really imaginative and whimsical with wallpaper here, and just have fun!

Powder rooms: We love to call these “jewel boxes.” They’re another special space that can be quickly transformed with wallpaper.

Entryways: Wallpaper makes a statement as soon as you enter the home, and it often works to carry it up the stairs.

Ceilings: Don’t forget the fifth wall! Using wallpaper here is high impact, but not overwhelming, and can be a smart way to introduce color to a more neutral space.

Need help calculating how much wallpaper you need to order? Try this helpful online tool.

Room by Centered by Design, paper by Eskayel

What are your favorite wallpapers?

What patterns and colors are catching your eye right now? We’d love to know. Leave us a comment below or drop us a note. We’d be happy to help you execute your dream room with wallpaper to suit your style.

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