Chicago Design Studio Reveal!

We are SO DANG EXCITED to announce the opening of our design studio and cabinetry showroom in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago! If you are local please stop by between 4pm – 8pm this Friday at 2946 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, 60657. There will be refreshments, gift bags, a ribbon cutting ceremony and lots of good cheer, as my studio partners, Studio 912 and I have worked hard to bring this sweet little storefront to life!

We also have many fabulous sponsors to thank and lots of pretty pictures to show you:

Our front room and communal work and meeting space. Cabinetry is from the Europa and Starmark lines carried by Studio 912. Lattice Gold Wallpaper by Unison Home. Sisal rug with black border, custom order from STARK carpet. And we LOVE our Duda Stools by Sossego.

chicago interior design studio

Custom drapery available through my workroom and that vintage curio cabinet is another amazing MegMade find. We love MegMade for vintage furnishings, and we’ve got lots of door styles on display to create your dream kitchen, bathroom or built-in!

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Baby Shower Highlights

baby shower brunch ideas

Pregnancy is such a time of anticipation, with both wonderful moments and stressful ones. For lots of women and couples, I think the baby shower is one of the most magical moments. Surrounded by those who love you, and who have either done this whole parenting thing already, or the friends not there yet, but ready to cheer you on. SO MUCH LOVE! I wanted to share a few moments from my shower (sadly it got too hectic to get a group photo!) but my sister Carly, hosted at my house and it was really special to have so many women I love in my home together. Here are some baby shower ideas from florals, to food, to my favorite books and baby gifts:

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Studio Grand Opening + Powder Room Giveaway!

What started as a small sub-lease on little storefront this spring has now become an official INTERIOR DESIGN STUDIO! I am so very excited for all that this new space holds! My partners in the space, Studio 912, are Wendy and Randy (Wendy and I actually met in design school) and R+W have been working in the kitchen and bath industry with their company since 1995. Wendy is a huge asset to all my kitchen design projects, as her knowledge of the ins and outs of cabinetry orders greatly benefit my clients, as does Randy’s extensive contracting knowledge. Our storefront will serve as my interior design office and studio, and Studio 912’s cabinet and countertop showroom and city location.

We are hosting a Open House to celebrate and show off the spruced up studio and we’d LOVE for you to pop by and say hello. Please join us on FRIDAY, NOV. 17th from 4pm – 8pm.

We also have a FABULOUS contest as part of the opening. We are GIVING AWAY a full powder room makeover courtesy of our sponsor Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery. I had a wonderful time with Traditional Home and Ferguson last March at the Design Bloggers Conference, and was thrilled when this opportunity came up. I jumped at the chance to give away this makeover – b/c what is better than a sponsored makeover for someone in need?!

For all the contest / giveaway rules read on to enter:

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The Warwick Reno: Master Bedroom Design Plan

October 25, 2017 Interior Design, Warwick 0 Comments

It’s time for an update on #thewarwickreno and I’m very excited about how far we’ve come upstairs! We are nearing the finish line and this will be our first “master bedroom” — complete with things we really love like a window seat (me) & coffee bar (Luke)! I’m also sharing a little bit about dormers as they can prove challenging to design around, but can become very useful spaces.

Remember where we started? Ugh, I can’t handle the paneling and the yellow:

Here is where we are at today: drywall went up over the paneling, new baseboard, faux wood floor removed (carpet going down), fresh coat of paint, radiator replaced, electrical moved/added and the beginnings of the window seat! The coffee bar will be outside the french doors, to the left, bathroom is to the right – more on those in another post.

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Design School: Lindsay Speace

A Cape Cod native now based in Raleigh, North Carolina Interior Designer Lindsay Speace’s work originally caught my eye due to her bold use of color and pattern (no wonder, she used to work for a European textile house!). I signed up for her blog/emails, and love the quick doses of design knowledge and unique finds she shares with friends and followers on her self-proclaimed sporadic blog, The Pursuit of Style.

Lindsay’s flair for vintage and mixing patterns is top notch! Her work has been featured by shelter outlets such as Domino, House Beautiful and more. You can find more daily inspiration from Lindsay Speace on Instagram. I’m thrilled to have her here with us on DESIGN SCHOOL:

Every home needs: Original Art

My secret styling trick: 

Group items in odd numbers when creating tablescapes.

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CBD on Million Dollar Decorating Podcast

The interior design podcast community is growing (see my list of favorites below) and we’re honored to be featured this month by one of the industries leading podcasts, Million Dollar Decorating. You can check out my 30-minute interview for yourself with host James Swan below. I discuss a little bit about my background, how I went back to school for design, started the business/blog, and share some of my favorite decorating tips!

Listen to this episode



Before + After: Using Neutrals with Style

abstract paper art

If you are consistently drawn to decorating with neutrals and bright or bold colors are just not your thing, fear not, you CAN decorate with neutral colors and still have an interesting and unique space. Today, I’m sharing a recent project reveal and I’ll explain some of the design process, and tips I use when trying to create neutral rooms that still feel fresh and interesting (and not like a total snooze fest!).  Before and after photos will help explain.


Lots of great millwork, but the cream and pale green was a very hard color palette to decorate with. The client wanted a much more modern and contemporary look, which translates to cooler colors. When you are decorating with neutrals think about warm vs. cool. Do you want a warmer white and coordinating paint colors, or a cooler white and coordinating colors? The color of your floors or existing furniture pieces may help you decide. There is no right or wrong, but in this case, we wanted cooler colors for a more modern feeling.


You can see how instantly with the cooler neutrals (more blues/grays/black in the paint) the space feels for modern and contemporary. We used a cool white, Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace on the ceiling, crown and wainscoting. On the upper walls we used Farrow & Ball Cornforth White (pale gray) and to make the millwork on the built-in stand out we painted the entire piece in Farrow & Ball Worsted (med. gray).

I added some warmth back into the space by playing off the tans, browns and creams in the fireplace stone. Using some tans in the drapery, adding gold accents and cognac leather helps the space from feeling one note. Also, I love a pop of black and often feel that is makes a more modern room complete. It’s used on the lamp shades and in the art work for a nice grounding touch.

abstract paper art

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My Favorite DARK Paint Colors

DARK paint colors scare a lot of people. Typical concerns you get from clients sound something like:

  • “Will dark paint colors make the room look smaller?”
  • “Will dark paint will feel depressing?”
  • “Aren’t dark paint colors are harder to live with?”
  • Overall the answer is NO, here are some examples as to why, photos to prove it, and my list of my favorite dark / neutral paint colors to use in your own projects!

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Home Tour with Room for Tuesday Blogger Sarah Gibson

Last winter, while traveling to an influencer event in Minneapolis I had the good fortune of meeting Sarah Gibson of Room for Tuesday. (Between you and me, I totally knew who Sarah was and had recently followed her amazing home decor blog!) But I played it cool, and we became fast friends bonding over our own home renovations and handy husbands. Sarah had already renovated her OHIO HOME, but more recently moved to Utah and is starting the renovation process all over again.

She has made a ton of progress already with her husband Emmett and their fur babies, finishing the master bedroom, living room, guest room and backyard. We decide to TRADE HOME TOURS, and share the home reno inspiration! We are both currently living in a construction zone as we try and finish up our homes, and looking at these pretty pictures is a good reminder that putting in the hard work is WORTH IT for a home you truly love.

Here’s the gorgeous tour!

Welcome to the Gibson home, love that we both have black doors — must be a designer thing!

You walk in and POW! This stunning built-in hits you front and center. I love that Sarah was not afraid to use color and she picked a stunning stone for the fireplace. Learn more about the STONE and choosing a perfect GREEN paint on Sarah’s blog.

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Design School: Logan Killen Interiors

September 18, 2017 Interior Design, Interviews 0 Comments

Thanks for tuning back in for our second Design School interview! I’m thrilled to have the New Orleans duo, Katie Logan LeBlanc and Jensen Killen, Logan Killen Interiors here today. I have a serious #ladycrush on LKI and would totally let them have free rein to re-design my home someday – that’s how much I love their style! Plus, can you get much cooler than curating a home decor shop and design studio on Magazine St. in New Orleans?

The store, called Sunday Shop, is designed to impart the feeling of a perfect Sunday. They really got me with this description, “Calm, sunny, and clean, white linen billowing in the breeze, jazz playing, incense in the air mixed with lemon and herbs, fresh greens and flowers from garden all, something roasting in the oven…a holistic retail experience for all of the senses.” Who is ready for a girl’s trip?

I’m also a big fan of their design philosophy, “LKI believes in creating environments that make our everyday lives beautiful and easy.” Bringing beauty and ease into everyday life — I think this is something many designers strive to do for our clients in this crazy, busy and often complicated world. Katie and Jensen do it so well! Hope you enjoy their interview and inspired interiors.


1. One of the greatest lessons I ever learned:

Take the time to get to know your clients and how they live in the beginning and really listen to them throughout the project. It takes time to learn how to do this.

2. One of the hardest things for new designers to learn:

There are many right answers and different styles. Be open. Good design is good design. Keep your eyes open to all that you can learn from something you don’t like at first glance.

3. What I’d change about my job: 

We work too much and are on the computer more than we would like.

4. If I could design anyone’s home it’d be:

Our own! Haha

5. When I’m uninspired, I turn to:

Taking a walk, going to art museums or galleries, or drinking wine and reading design books and magazines. Sometimes you need to just STOP thinking about it for the right solution to present itself.

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