The Art of Styling with Baskets

June 8, 2015

True confession: I have a compulsive basket buying habitat. So many shapes, sizes, colors and uses baskets are where it’s at my friends. They are relatively inexpensive and carried at almost every retailer these days. You can usually find awesome baskets at resale shops, flea markets, and if you’re traveling, make sure to check out baskets that might be native to that particular country. Opportunity for major basket scores abroad!

I also use baskets ALL THE TIME when styling photos. They can fill up dead space, keep shots looking organized, add needed texture, become a planter, toilet paper storage and the list goes on.

Here are some of my personal basket styling shots:

basket planter styling

Basket as a plant holder.


Baskets to fill in empty space and cover vents.


Bedroom basket mostly to look pretty.


Vintage picnic basket for shelf decoration.


Medium size basket to hold papers and drawings.

Here are a few basket styling ideas I’ve got on my list to try:


Baskets as wall art installation. Image via FieldStoneHillDesign.


Baskets on hanging pegs. I think this would be great in a laundry room. Image via Pinterest.


Bathroom basket for TP. Image via

Here are some of the baskets I’m loving and the links where you can find them too!


  1. Eliza Gran Studio – Pom Pom Baskets
  2. Territory Designs – Oaxaca Indigo Basket
  3. Ballard Designs – Wicker Chest 
  4. West Elm – Graphic Oversized Baskets
  5. Baskets of Africa – Ghana Bolga Style

Got a brilliant basket idea? Let me know what it is!


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