How to Refurbish a Vintage Clock

November 30, 2014

DIY Project – Repurposing a George Nelson inspired clock in six easy steps. I originally wrote this post for  they are a great online resource for vintage furniture and decor. Kind of like a craigslist, but primarily for home stuff!

Clocks are pretty underrated in the realm of home décor. You never hear anyone mention how much they need a clock. But next time you see a working vintage clock – think twice, that baby may have some serious potential on your wall! Mid-century modern décor is quite on trend at the moment (if you haven’t noticed you might be living under a rock). This is excellent news, because clocks from that era are in abundance at vintage shops, grandparent’s basements, and sites like Krrb. If you see a clock with lines you love, snatch it up, and then proceed to refurbish it in these six easy steps.

Tools/supplies needed:

  • clock
  • screwdriver (phillips and flathead)
  • spray paint
  • sand paper

Step 1: Disassemble the clock. On the back of this clock, there were a few long machine screws holding everything together. After removing these, it was just a matter of prying apart all the various pieces that needed painting/repair.

Step 2: It’s a good idea to snap a picture with the case open so you remember how everything fits together.

Step 3: Separate the clock face and glass from everything else and thoroughly clean the glass, and dust inside of clock. Bend any of the metal arms back to true.

Step 4: Gather your spray paint, sand paper, and head outside!

mid-century vintage clock

Step 5: Give the clock a light sanding to chip away any old paint or flaking metal. This step will help the spray paint adhere better too.

Step 6: The clock mechanism itself was working and the electrical cord was in fine shape on this project. The cord could have been replaced, but there was no need. It was dirty, though, so I took time to paint the visible section with the same paint from the wall it was to be mounted on. An easy fix to make the cord blend into the wall.

mid-century vintage clock

DONE – Reassemble and hang that baby up!

XO, Claire

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