How to Baby Proof Your Home with Style

October 22, 2018

How To Baby Proof Your Home with Style

Hello friends, it’s been awhile since I’ve written a personal post or house update. And that’s because having a baby is FULL ON. Willa is 9 months old and as busy as can be! We think she’s going to walk soon and baby safety proofing the house has been top of mind. She is already opening cabinets, sticking fingers in outlets and falling over daily.

This is a stage of life many young families go through and it can feel extra chaotic at home with all the additional baby items and safety gear. I thrive when my environment is clean and organized, plus you can help your kids develop good habitats with some forethought on how to keep the house in tip-top shape, even in this CRAZY phase of life.

I’ve listed and linked to several of my favorite resources on baby proofing your home below, but first a few pictures of our living to demonstrate one nice update we’ve made with the help of PERIGOLD. Prior to baby Willa, we had a beautiful marble and brass coffee table. That thing is rock solid and weighs 200 lbs! We were both freaking out about the idea of Willa falling head first into that table. I was personally not in love with the idea of an ottoman, which can often look masculine and stodgy. 

Then I came across this option, The Sydney by Duralee for PERIGOLD and I thought, “okay this might work!” What really sold me was that we could customize the fabric (I chose a wipeable faux leather) and it has soft close hinges and storage. The ottoman is well made and looks great in person! Willa is honestly in love with it. As an added bonus, it happens to be the perfect height for her to reach in and get her own toys.



We also grabbed this great tray to make the ottoman a little more functional for entertaining when Willa’s not around. 

Other Items to Consider – How to Baby Proof Your Home with Style

  • Swap Your Coffee Table for an Ottoman
    • See evidence above!
    • Look for something that is a few inches lower than your sofa seat height
    • I think storage is an added bonus if the piece is designed well
    • If you can customize fabric choose a wipeable faux leather or performance fabric like Sunbrella

This article from also has some other very worthwhile tips. It’s worth a quick read, “7 Ways to Child-Proof Your Home Without Foregoing Style.”

Keeping our littles one happy, healthy and safe is definitely the number one priority – but never hurts to decorate (or baby proof!) in style.


This post is sponsored by Perigold but all opinions are my own. Thanks to the brands that keep the blog running.

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