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January 18, 2017

Hey there, I’m excited to share a new monthly post concept and my latest collaborator! Alyssa Doorhy is a Chicago-based stylist and owner of CoChic Styling. I love Alyssa’s approach, which is a combination of instilling fashion confidence in her clients, and showing them how comfort does not have to be sacrificed for style. Feeling like the best version of yourself helps in life and business, and I know I need help from falling into my ruts! Hello mom jeans (I’m not even a mom) and camel colored turtlenecks : )

I’ve aways been a fashion fan (the first two jobs I wanted as a kid were fashion designer or disney animator) and since Alyssa is steeped in clothing and fashion on the daily, I thought we’d dream up some fabulous outfits based on beautiful interiors, even using a few rooms of my own design. Bringing fashion and interiors together just makes me smile. Also, fashion informs me when I’m getting to know my interior design clients. I always ask them where they shop for clothing, and if they personally identify with any iconic brands, such as Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Calvin Klein, etc. These distinctions let me know a lot about what they gravitate towards style wise.

Here’s our first ROOM to OUTFIT look. We will do a new room and look every month. And we’d love your suggestions! If you see a beautiful room you need as an outfit, tag me or email me!

West Loop Bedroom – Centered by Design – Boho + Glam

West Loop Bedroom Inspired Look – CoChic Styling

Links to the awesome items Alssya put together for this look: Dress Coat Earrings Clutch Shoes

Alyssa gave me a preview of her services a few weeks back at local boutique Milk Handmade. Milk focuses on handmade clothing, often locally sourced from Chicago and other USA designers. I always find great pieces there and appreciate the laid back shopping vibe.

Here are a few action shots of Alyssa and me working to find some new looks for my closet that I might not have tried without her encouragement. I originally thought both the black shirt and white and black wrap were “too much for me,” but after seeing the outfits come together I was glad I tried something new. Loved the idea of a sleeveless wrap sweater over overalls! Great way to dress up a casual look, which is usually what I need to do.

That’s a wrap! Additional information about CoChic Styling and Alyssa’s variety of services can be found here, or contact her with your fashion questions!

Thanks to Milk Handmade and Joelle Elizabeth Photography


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