Personal Post: Family Photography Session at Home

April 15, 2019

There is something so personal about a family photography session at home. Capturing special moments in the chaos that is your daily life and daily backdrop. I wanted to share some of our photos from when Willa was about 9 months old. I completely forgot to post these to the blog last fall and I have had several clients ask for family photographers referrals in Chicago recently! These photos are so special to us. I can’t recommend enough taking photos at home (make sure you have decent natural light) makes a big difference!

I need to talk up two of my dear friends who are also family and wedding photographers, Anna Sodziak and Joe Tighe.  Anna Sodziak did a beautiful new born shoot for us, also here at home, you can see all those picture in THIS POST. All the photography in this post is by Joe Tighe , Joe has a wedding photo company but is also a new dad! He has an amazing and creative eye. We absolutely adore how he captured our little family at home!


If you don’t know us well – this is our family at home! You can see more post about our HOME RENOVATION HERE. Also, here’s the BEFORE & AFTER of Willa’s nursery. My husband, Luke is a teacher and musician and Willa Valentine our daughter is about 9/10 months in these photos. There are so many more photos but this is a great representation of Joe’s skill! He captured ordinary moments but made them feel extraordinary and special. So so glad we have them frozen in time!


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