Color Trends: I’m Loving SAPPHIRE

May 14, 2015

I LOVE color. I also love the color sapphire, so much so that it was my engagement ring stone of choice (I know how Princess Kate of me). It just so happens that in 2015, I’m noticing the color sapphire everywhere. You could call it a trendy color at the moment, but it’s also classic and sure to never really go out of style.

Trends come in and out of favor, most repeating themselves, over and over again in different iterations. As for color, there are big color forecasting organizations that conduct lots of research to issue new “hot” colors each year. The fashion industry, the automotive industry and even the home design industry all weigh in and (I would guess) cater their product lines toward the colors that their team of experts think will sell best to the masses.

I enjoy looking at what paint companies have deemed their “new” or “top” colors of the year. Also, keeping an eye on the fashion industry helps since they move so quickly from season to season, and collection to collection. Often interior design trends follow fashion trends.

Alright, so that’s my diatribe on color trends at the moment. Here’s a look at a pretty moodboard for all you other sapphire lovers out there. I think decorating with sapphire, especially in large quantities, feels bold, moody and regal. I’m usually only one of the three (read: moody), so I think that’s why I love sapphire so much. I want to be more bold and regal. Who doesn’t? See all the links below!

color trend sapphire mood board



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