Behind the Photo Shoot with Unison Home

June 28, 2016

Hello friends, sorry for the delay in posting! Summer has really picked up with client projects, the house renovations are underway, and I took a week out of my regular schedule to work as a prop stylist for Unison Home. It was the fall catalog shoot and Unison Home is launching its first ever wallpaper collection, which is very exciting! It was a great experience and I thought I’d share a few behind the scenes photos and details, as I am always curious what happens at said “photo shoots,” and thought you might be too. Also, quick shout out to my pal Elise of Filigree Suppers who is table top and food styling pro, and worked as a lead stylist making these images awesome as well.


Oh hey! Sets consisted of moveable walls, tables, flooring, beds and pro gear which held lighting and shelving in the air.

I think the best industry secret (that’s not really a secret) is a job title I had no idea existed. These talented people are called soft stylists and they are magical unicorns who create the most wonderful looking beds, fluffy towels, and perfectly folded napkins. They are also very, very good at ironing. Our soft stylist, Alissa, was really fun to watch and I let her know I was totally scoping her techniques for my own interiors shoots. It’s SO FREAKING HARD to make a bed look awesome.


Alissa makes it look easy here. LOVE this new bedding for the fall collection. Perfect for a boho girl’s room.

It’s also important to have the prop stylists / food stylists to work with the photographer on getting the exact right angles for each particular image. There is a TON of tiny tweaking that goes on to perfect each image. It’s all about creating an imaginary moment that you can picture yourself jumping right into. This means possibly moving a single cherry 10 or 20 times : ) this is the sort of work perfectionists love (in my opinion as admitted perfectionist).


Then of course, you need the photographer, the photographer’s assistant and a set builder. Everyone on set works together changing sets, getting the new arrangement of props to be photographed, and the photographer works to perfect the lighting and shot angle. A creative director guides the entire process and tries to keep the looks consistent, on-brand, and makes sure the photos leave room for headlines and copy.


Just out of view are poles and sand bags are holding up the shelves so we can style kitchen with “open shelving.”

I had a great time working with Unison Home and the whole crew! It’s always wonderful to expose yourself to different design styles, and I really enjoy Unison’s modern and Scandinavian influenced aesthetic. Keep an eye out for the fall catalog and take a peak at all Unison Home offers online.

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