Bedroom Design: Splurge or Steal?

April 13, 2015

I am always a fan when fashion magazines do the splurge vs. steal page layout for an outfit. It’s not always easy to spot the designer label versus the bargain brand! I’m working with a new client this week, and while pulling her bedroom design together, I realized I could easily put together similar looks at drastically different price points.

The client already has a dark wooden bedroom set and light colored bedding. I’ve added a rug, bedside lamps, chaise lounge, bench for the end of the bed, and accent pillows.

One of these rooms retails for $6,200 and the other for $1,600. Can you spot the splurge vs. steal?

ROOM #1 – Muted grey, lavender and beige

modern grey bedroom design

ROOM #2 – Creams, grey, beige and a hint of blue


Okay, did you guess?!

The pricey room is #2. What makes the price difference so drastic? It really comes down to the rug. The rug options in #1 both retail for about $500. They are mostly synthetic fibers and not handmade. Neither of them will probably last as long as rug #2, but they are good options if you are on a budget. Rug #2 is hand knotted wool and should last a lifetime with proper care. It retails for almost $4,000. All the other items in #2 are a few hundred dollars more than #1, with the exception of the pillow (which is just slightly more expensive).

Do you like one room better than the other? I think they are both fabulous options. It’s great if you can save up for quality items, but you can still get good products at reasonable prices and put together a stellar steal of a bedroom!

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