Dutch Colonial Revival

May 13, 2022

Dutch Colonial Revival

The Backstory

My childhood best friend saw the gorgeous millwork in this home and the potential. She thought she could live with the kitchen for at least a year, but called after week two and said we needed to gut it! I agreed and we set off to update the entire first floor with an extensive kitchen and pantry renovation. We complemented the new kitchen with a paint and wallpaper story, furnishings and styling, which all together make for a grand makeover!

Personal Sanctuary Defined

Eclectic, collected, approachable, timeless, traditional

Our Approach

Use our client’s vintage rugs and art collection as a jumping off point for a soft but colorful home. Create our take on a classic white kitchen, but bring in some drama with a deep green butler’s pantry and bold dining room floral wallpaper. Layer in lighting and some eclectic accessories and this project made the cover of Luxe Magazine in 2021.



Meet Claire

Claire’s creative energy comes from her unique perspective on the world as both a trained interior designer and a passionate yoga teacher. Her affinity for kitchen design, timeless style and eclectic decorating are shared here, along with lots of interior design education and tips. Thanks for being here, please enjoy!

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